Bra sewing pattern Florens, sizes AA, A, B, C, D + step-by-step instruction

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Bra sewing PATTERN, bra PATTERN Florens, sizes AA, A, B, C, D + step-by-step instruction


Bra sewing pattern Florens, sizes AA, A, B, C, D + step-by-step instruction

Bra sewing pattern Florens, Sizes AA, A, B, C, D + step-by-step instructions in PDF format.

Band sizes – 36(80cm), 40(90см), but you can easily increase or decrease the band to the required size.

FLORENS bra is the bra, which is a dream of many women, a bra that can be worn every day without time restriction.
Bra for every day should be convenient, comfortable and at the same time providing good enough support and shape the breasts.  Bra Florens conforms to all these requirements.
This model has a roundish cup with underwired and provides good support of a breast. The cup has a horizontal seam is inclined to the center. The underbust band of the bra is different from other models of bras that it not only supports the lower part of the cups, and lifts the breasts from the sides.

A bra is simple in making. It is recommended to sew from natural fabrics for everyday wear. We sew a cup of bra from inelastic cotton fabric with embroidered flowers. We sew the underbust band of bra from fine cotton knitwear, selected in color.

Pattern of the bra Florens is for size cup AA, A, B, C, D.

Ready-made patterns of all models of bras are presented on A4 sheets of paper in full sizein PDF format without seam allowances.After placing an order and payment, you will receive patterns in electronic form to your e-mail. You need to print the pattern on A4 paper size (or 11″x8.5″ paper size), choose the size of the bra cup you need, cut it out and, if necessary, glue it together.

To the bra pattern you will receive step-by-step instruction for sewing on A4 sheets illustrated with color photos.

The pattern don’t includes seam allowance!

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