Ordering, Payment, Sending

How to order patterns?

You can order patterns around the clock both on weekdays and on weekends. After you have selected the patterns you like and clicked the “Add to Cart”, you take the next step – “Go to Cart”. The basket contains all the products you have selected, which you can view and adjust. After adjustment, click “Refresh Cart” and then you proceed to place an order.


You enter the information necessary to send the order in the order form.

After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order.

Please enter your email address correctly so that we can send you your order without any problems.


You can pay for the order via PayPal  (lana17zx@gmail.com).

Payment processing may take some time.

Sending orders

After receiving payment we will send patterns to your e-mail.

Term of sending 

The term of sending the order is from 1 minute to several hours.

But we usually send orders immediately after payment.

Return and exchange 

Patterns are digital products. 

All sales of digital goods are final and we cannot accept returns.

Please contact us with any questions about patterns prior to purchase.

Digital products cannot be returned or exchanged.






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      Добрый день, Светлана! Да, Ваши выкройки вернулись обратно. Вам нужно уточнить свой е-мейл. Напишите письмо со своего адреса на е-мейл: lana17zx@gmail.com.

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      Добрый день, Людмила!
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