How to prepare bra patterns How to prepare bra patterns for cutting and sewing. Ready-made patterns of all models of bras are presented on A4 sheets in full size in PDF format without seam allowances. The bra pattern usually looks like the image below. This is a general view, notContinue Reading

How to cut a bra (video) How to cut a bra (video): you watch how to cut a beautiful bra Ketie (on the page below). Ready-made pattern of a bra Ketie in 5 sizes + step-by-step instructions are in our Market Lingerie sewing patterns. Bra Ketie has a roundish cupContinue Reading

How to sew a nursing bra (watch video) How to sew a nursing bra (watch video) Master class for independent sewing a nursing bra (at the bottom of the page). Nursing bra Melisa has a roundish cup with flexible metal underwired. It is recommended for sewing from elastic natural fabric.Continue Reading

Choose your bra size Choose your bra size according to the cup size. We offer bra patterns for cup size: AA, A, B, C, D, DD(E). Measure the horizontal arch of the breast. Cup sizes correspond to: Almost all patterns of the models of bras presented on our website haveContinue Reading

Sew lace bra Angelica (video) Sew lace bra Angelica (video) with your own hands. This bra model has a shortened underbust band. Lace bra Angelica is for daily wear because it does not squeeze the chest. The cups of the bra are rounded, lift and open the breasts – thisContinue Reading

Lingerie sewing patterns PDF Lingerie sewing patterns PDF: bra patterns and women’s panties patterns to all those who like to sew – for beginners, for amateurs and professionals, for those who already earn by sewing. You will find ready-made bra patterns PDF and ready-made patterns of women’s panties PDF here.Continue Reading